The chancellor of Southern University's AgCenter and dean of the College of Agriculture will return to work in a tenured administrative position after he resigned earlier this month. 

The reason behind Bobby Phills' sudden resignation remains unclear. Officials have declined to comment on personnel matters.

Southern University spokeswoman Janene Tate confirmed Monday night that Phills will keep working for the university in the future.

She said chancellors can return to a tenured position upon resignation. So Phills will return after a leave of absence at least until his current contract ends in December 2019, Tate said.

His contract could be renewed again at that time.

Tate declined to comment on the specifics of Phills' new administrative role but said he won't be a faculty member. 

Phills joined Southern University in 2016 as the chancellor of the SU AgCenter and dean of the College of Agriculture.

Southern University AgCenter Chancellor Bobby Phills resigns, reasons unclear

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