Ronnie Jacobs waited Friday evening with the dogs in the driving rain alongside Siegen Lane.

Jacobs' friend, Temika Sullivan, 37, was trying to save hers and her mother's dogs — she lives next door — from high water at the Chateau Wein at Siegen complex.

With fire trucks and other emergency vehicles queued up along Siegen and car and truck headlights whizzing by in the fading evening light, Jacobs waited while Sullivan went down the street to get her vehicle.

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"I don't live here. I'm helping out," Jacobs, 45, of Baton Rouge, said as one of the caged dogs barked at a reporter.

High water flooded the bottom floor of the complex on Siegen just north Perkins Road and, by Friday evening, the apartments had been a scene of evacuation and good will for several hours.

St. George firefighters were escorting people as they waded through murky waters with their belongings. One woman who was too ill or weak to walk was floated out on a yellow plastic kayak.

Michael Freeman, district chief of St. George Fire Department, said at 7:30 p.m. that firefighters had escorted about 30 children and sick and elderly residents from the complex over the prior three hours.

"There's plenty people who have escorted their selves out," Freeman noted. "Family members went and got them. They can walk."

Freeman said firefighters were loading a boat into the high water Friday night to check for anyone else inside the complex, which was without power.

He said firefighters would keep working "until we get everybody outta here, you know."

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Freeman said the firefighters had some help from volunteers.

Jesina Martin, Semaj Colbert and Chris Johnson said they had been helping for several hours and figured they had assisted about 20 people get out of their apartments and to hotels or other temporary shelter.

Colbert, 22, said service is part of the mission of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. 

Martin, 24, said her mother also was helping drive people to hotels who didn't have a place to go.

"I just felt like God put on my heart to come over here, so we came," Martin said.

Later, with the dogs in her vehicle as she was preparing to leave, Sullivan, who has lived in the apartments since 2011, was having a hard time with the other losses she had suffered Friday.

"I have a 1-year-old child," Sullivan said, "and everything is ruined."

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