Katelin Holmes, Ryan and Brian Williams and Kathryn Candia are leaders of the Fellowship of Christian Students at Woodlawn High School, and, along with goals for their own futures after graduation, the seniors got to see another big goal fulfilled halfway around the world.

After an 18-month effort to raise funds among the student body at Woodlawn and in the community, with the help of several area businesses, the club reached its goal of $6,600 to drill a water well in Ezulwini, Swaziland.

Students received photographs of the drilling process, which is in progress, said FCS faculty adviser James Daniels.

“They’ve already started to hit water, I believe,” Daniels said.

The well is located near a vocational school that recently opened in the village, he said, and will not only make clean drinking water much easier to get for citizens, he also hopes it will cut down on attacks on women and children who are required to travel twice a week to bring water back to their homes.

“The government trucks water in twice a week, so the people there have to estimate how much water they need for the week,” Daniels said. “This well will supplement that water supply.”

It also will give the female children who have to take time out of their school schedules to accomplish this chore every week more time in school.

Looking back on the project, the students say they learned a lot about perseverance from the process.

“It felt like it would take forever,” Holmes said, with Candia and the Williamses nodding agreement.

“If you keep working for something, you can get there,” Brian Williams said.

FCS sent the money to Children’s Cup, the charity responsible for the drilling, after reaching its goal in February.

“It’s a good feeling,” Daniels said, speaking on behalf of the club members.

Meetings average about 100 students, Daniels said, and all those who wish to sit in are welcome.