East Feliciana is home to some colorful characters, and one of its most colorful celebrated his 74th birthday surrounded by a bevy of beauties flocked around his perch of distinction.

Old Man, a scarlet macaw born on April 29, 1947, he has lived for the last five years at Barn Hill Preserve, the East Feliciana Parish wildlife sanctuary.

Barn Hill Preserve was founded in 2013 by Ethel native Gabe Ligon to educate, entertain and inspire the surrounding communities using live animal ambassadors. The preserve’s brand manager, Marisa Saladino, coordinated the party; Ligon’s grandmother Paula Barnett invited the partygoers.


Old Man, a 74-year-old scarlet macaw welcomes party goers Thursday, April 29, from his decorated perched at Barn Hill Preserve.