Your opinion pages on Katrina were quite interesting. Of particular note was a letter from a student and guest columns from Mitch Landrieu and Marc Morial.

The student makes the absurd statement: “The ease with which rich white people slid back into their barely touched homes was completely different from the difficult heart-wrenching process in which the poor, African Americans slumped back to their torn-up abodes.” This student was probably a child in 2005 and must not have lived in New Orleans, but where did she get such misinformation?

The columns by the present and former mayors were full of platitudes and political talk but ignored real issues that hinder New Orleans’ progress:

New Orleans’ police protection is totally inadequate. This began under Morial, escalated under Ray Nagin and continues under Landrieu.

New Orleans’ streets are full of potholes. Potholes have been a fact for years but seem worse today.

I was born and raised in New Orleans, and I spent two years after Katrina doing hurricane relief work with the Episcopal Church. I love New Orleans, but it has real problems that will not be solved with misinformation and platitudes.

Deacon Quin Bates

Episcopal deacon