‘Callin’ Baton Rouge’ inspires the Irish _lowres


Roy King doesn’t know for sure if the LSU Tiger Marching Band inspired one of Ireland’s top YouTube videos for July.

“But it’s fun to think that we might have had an influence,” he says.

King serves as director of the Tiger Band, which marched in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin in March. All 325 band members made the trip, along with staff and support personnel.

The band’s schedule was filled with activities and events while there, which gave its members a chance to interact with residents.

Now 17-year-old Galway, Ireland, native Maitiu O’Domhnaill (Matthew O’Donnell) has recorded Dennis Linde’s “Callin’ Baton Rouge” in Gaelic. He and fellow students in the Irish language summer school Coaliste Lurgen have made a video performing this song, which has gone viral in Ireland.

The video was released on July 7. The LSU Football office discovered and forwarded it to King.

“After they sent it to me, I sent it to all of the band members,” King says. “This was ranked among the top 10 videos on Ireland’s YouTube last week.”

Garth Brooks’ hit recording of the song is played over Tiger Stadium’s speakers before each home game.

An English translation of the Gaelic note beneath the song states, “We had great fun playing and recording this song. Great job done by Matt and his band. We hope you enjoy it.”

“I’m not saying that our visit had anything to do with this group recording this song,” King says. “But I’m not saying it didn’t either. It’s just nice to think that maybe we were the inspiration for it.”