A man witnesses say was kicked by LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson in an Aug. 19 brawl is being accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend in a Baton Rouge bar hours earlier and hitting her friend.

Elizabeth B. Siadous, 18, says in a petition for protection from abuse that on the night of Aug. 18 her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Lowery, 21, followed her to a bar, cursed and yelled at her, cornered her several times and hit one of her friends.

It is not known if the friend is a man or a woman.

The name of the bar was not listed in the petition, which was filed with East Baton Rouge Parish Family Court late Wednesday.

Lowery has told police he was at Shady’s bar on 623 E. Boyd Drive early Aug. 19 and was beaten by Jefferson and other LSU football players, according to a police report released Thursday.

Police are investigating the beating, but no arrests have been made.

In her request for a temporary restraining order, Siadous also alleges that on Aug. 3, Lowery showed up at her Baton Rouge home and forced his way inside.

Lowery began screaming and crying and refused to leave.

Lowery also previously followed Siadous to New Orleans and threatened her friends, the petition says.

A judge granted the temporary restraining order Wednesday and set a September hearing date.

Lowery, contacted by phone Thursday, declined comment.

Lowery’s attorney, Michael P. Bienvenu, said Thursday the restraining order is part of an “orchestrated attempt to malign and discredit Mr. Lowery.”

“Mr. Lowery saw someone who was being beaten on the concrete and in the truck, and was beaten himself, and now is being attacked maliciously for being a good Samaritan in this incident,” Bienvenu said.

Bienvenu also questioned the timing of the restraining order against Lowery.

“It’s very curious that this temporary restraining order was filed alleging some things that occurred almost two weeks after the situation,” Bienvenu said.

Bienvenu said Siadous, who filed the order, has met with LSU officials but not his office.

“Nothing that happened in the bar that night has ever been connected to anything that happened outside the bar that night,” Bienvenu said.

Siadous could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Lowery, 21, told officers he got involved in the fight after seeing several football players pull a man out of a black Chevrolet Silverado pickup and beat him, the police report about the incident says.

Lowery pulled the man from the crowd and back into the truck, the report says.

The players — including Jefferson and Josh Johns — then began kicking and punching Lowery before leaving in a silver vehicle, the report says.

Lowery and three men, none of whom are LSU football players, were treated at a hospital for minor injuries, police have said.

The other men’s names have not been released.

Police also are looking into a possible video of the fight posted on the website of radio station WSKR-AM 1210.

Two other LSU football players — freshman Jarvis Landry, 18, and sophomore Chris Davenport, 21 — have been implicated in the fight.

Baton Rouge attorney Nathan Fisher is representing the players, who have been interviewed by police.

If warrants are issued, those arrested will likely be booked on second-degree battery and simple battery counts, Stone has said.