CENTRAL — The City Council is going to remain a five-member board for now after the council failed Tuesday to override the mayor’s veto of a seven-member council.

Central City Councilman Wayne Messina made the motion Tuesday to override Mayor Shelton “Mac” Watts’ veto of a Sept. 27 council vote that created a seven-member council — with five members coming from single-member districts and two “at-large” members.

But the council couldn’t get the four votes needed to override the veto.

Currently, the five councilmen are “at-large.”

The ordinance approved by three of the five council members at the September meeting was proposed by Messina.

The proposal was the result of six committee meetings held over a six-month period that was chaired by Messina.

The committee voted to recommend moving to the seven-member council.

That proposal was brought to the council for a vote on Sept. 27, and three of the five City Council members approved the change.

However, Watts vetoed the ordinance on Oct. 6.

The vote Tuesday came down along the same lines as the September vote with Ralph Washington, Messina and Tony LoBue voting to overturn the mayor’s veto.

Council members Louis DeJohn and Aaron Moak voted against the overriding the veto.