Councilwoman Angie Van Norman said she is fed up with complaints about youngsters driving golf carts on Kinder streets.

Most of the complaints have come from the south side of town, she said.

The complaints include young people riding golf carts on the wrong side of the street, running through four-way stops, not slowing down and driving at night without lights, she said.

Van Norman said he’s not aware of any accidents, but says there have been close calls.

The problem is with non-licensed drivers who do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the road, town attorney Mike Holmes said.

Mayor Estes LeDoux said golf carts and other low-speed electric vehicles are considered street-legal if they have windshields, windshield wipers, turn signals and brake lights among other safety measures. Drivers must also have proof of insurance and a driver’s license, he said.

Golf carts must also be inspected by the Kinder Police Department to be street legal.

“If they are on the streets without this, they are going to be ticketed just like everybody else,” LeDoux said.

He also warned that the operation of golf carts on state highways is illegal.