A Walker woman’s jailhouse communications with her co-defendant demonstrate she is a danger to others and a flight risk, and should remain behind bars on $400,000 bail in the July 4 slaying of a Zachary man who sexually abused her as a child, a prosecutor alleges in court documents.

Brittany Monk, who pleaded not guilty Sept. 4 in the strangling and stabbing death of Robert Noce Jr. and gave birth Sept. 8, is seeking to have her bail reduced so she can get out of jail and have access to proper medical care for herself and her baby boy.

Monk, 18, and Jace Crehan, 21, are charged with second-degree murder in Noce’s death and are scheduled to appear Wednesday in state District Judge Tony Marabella’s courtroom. Crehan, Monk’s boyfriend whose bail also is set at $400,000, is to be arraigned. Monk’s bond reduction request could come up.

Noce’s body was found stuffed inside a 55-gallon plastic drum in the kitchen of his home less than two weeks after the 47-year-old was put on probation for sexually abusing Monk. Monk claims the abuse began when she was 4.

Prosecutor Darwin Miller is opposing a lowering of Monk’s bail. He contends in court documents that the seriousness of the offense and weight of the evidence dictate that her bond not be reduced.

Miller also points to jailhouse letters sent to Crehan by Monk, claiming they show a propensity to commit violence and a willingness to flee the country. Miller also says Monk’s letters suggest she would not follow court orders if released on bail.

Monk’s court-appointed attorneys, Lindsay Blouin and Joshua Newville, declined comment Tuesday.

In a July 19 letter to Crehan, Monk said: “Man rapes a 4 year old and they let him out of jail and give him probation, but they want us to stay here? We should get a presidential pardon. We might as well move to Canada if we ever get out of here. This country just cares about convictions and getting paid.”

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On Aug. 12, she wrote Crehan: “Our bonds are ridiculous. I’m sitting on a charge they know they can’t convict me of. I swear (illegible) want to be done with all this (expletive) out of this parish ...”

Monk again wrote Crehan on Aug. 14, stating, “I really was sweet before I came here. Now I could care less about people. Women make me sick. Cops make me sick. This parish and law system makes me sick. What do we have left to lose?”

Monk also appears to complain in letters about jail life.

“That girl with the horrible laugh was supposed to leave today,” she said in a Sept. 14 letter to Crehan. “She hasn’t yet. I even had a dream that I beat her ass ...”

In a Sept. 18 letter about another inmate, Monk continues: “I walked behind her and I said, ‘I know you talk (expletive) about everyone in here and you must think I’ll let it slide like everyone else but if I hear my name come out of your mouth one more time I’m going to lay you old ass out because I’m not dealing with this (expletive) anymore.’”

Crehan, prior to his Sept. 2 indictment, confessed in letters and phone calls to The Advocate. Prosecutors used a subpoena to obtain the letters from the newspaper.

Monk, according to Miller’s court filing, told Crehan in a Sept. 11 letter to be careful about what he says on the phone and in letters.

“The calls are recorded and monitored and when you say things in letters they will photo copy them and send them straight to the DA,” she wrote. “We can’t risk anything right now. I know you know that. No more talking about the case over the phone or through letters. Don’t give them any more ammunition baby. We are going to win.”