LSU says an investigation is continuing into a threat written on the wall of a bathroom at LSU earlier this week, discovered a day after the United States’ most deadly shooting attack occurred at an Orlando, Fla., nightclub.

LSU officials determined the threat, which mentioned a shooting at noon June 14 and the word “library,” was not credible, but are investigating its origins, according to university spokesman Ernie Ballard.

“Had there been a determination that this was a credible threat, notifications would have been sent to campus,” Ballard said. “LSU takes any and all threats to safety seriously.”

In a letter published Thursday in The Daily Reveille, LSU’s student newspaper, a student raised concerns about why the LSU community wasn’t alerted about the threat.

William Gement said he was studying at the LSU library on June 14, completely unaware of the threat, when he noticed several police officers in addition to the normal security guard. When he asked around about the police presence, someone told him about the note.

He says LSU should’ve informed students about the threat.

“The university should not have the right to deprive the students of information that concerns our personal well being,” Gement said. “I don’t believe a single one of us who was in the library studying that afternoon would have been there if we had been informed of such a threat.”

See the full letter here.