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Photo provided by Ashley D'Aubin -- From left are Willie Tucson, J. Douglas Leftwich and Raymond Hartford at the Christian Outreach Center's Christian Outreach Transitional Employment Services program.

The list of businesses partnering with Christian Outreach Center’s Christian Outreach Transitional Employment Services is growing, the group’s leaders said.

The model of the program aligns with the mission of the Christian Outreach Center, which is to help the homeless community of Baton Rouge “go from square one to self-sufficiency,” a news release said.

The program was created in 2014 to remove the obstacles keeping people from getting jobs, while providing employers with a source of temporary labor they can count on.

The program reaches out to employers around Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Ascension Parish and surrounding areas to provide quality day labor, the release said. The unemployed clients enroll in the program, which makes them eligible to fill the positions.

Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry said he supports the program and wants other businesses to as well.

“We are extremely satisfied with the COTES program and the workers we’ve had the privilege to meet and employ. I strongly encourage other local businesses to participate in this wonderful and life-changing program,” said Landry.

The program provides transportation to and from each job. Each worker also receives a brown bag lunch from St. Vincent de Paul during their workday.

The program’s model is “on time and in the right frame of mind.”

The program simplifies things for the employers by handling payroll, taxes, liability insurance and worker’s compensation expense for the workers, the release said.

The program’s business partners include Waskey Bridges, Green Seasons, Cangelosi Ward General Contractors, Stonewall Architectural Concrete, Buquet & LeBlanc, Treppendahl Landscaping and Bardwell Homes.