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LSU leaders won't require students to get vaccinated against coronavirus ahead of the fall semester — they say the university doesn't have that authority — but they are strongly encouraging students, faculty and staff to get the vaccine.  

"We’re all very encouraged by the more than 10,000 students and employees who have already gotten vaccinated against COVID-19," LSU officials said in a Facebook post Monday. 

"Although we can’t require vaccinations under FDA Emergency Use Authorization status, broad immunization is critical to helping end the current pandemic and to protecting our overall university community," said Tom Galligan, LSU's interim president, and Stacia L. Haynie, LSU's executive vice-president and provost.

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The vaccinations for COVID that Americans are currently receiving have not been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but are being distributed under emergency rules. Health experts say they are safe.

Galligan and Haynie said vaccinations would "help us return to pre-pandemic normal this fall, including face-to-face courses, a wider range of events and activities on campus, expanded dining and recreation options, and greater interpersonal collaboration among faculty, students and researchers." 

The officials asked that students who get the vaccine let the university know through its online vaccination reporting survey. 

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