Mestizo, a popular Mexican restaurant near the Acadian Thruway-Interstate 10 intersection, is closed until further notice after it flooded during Thursday’s heavy rainstorm.

“It’s a mess,” said Kendra Langlois, general manager. “It’s worse than 2016.”  She blamed the flooding on poor drainage around Acadian.

Mestizo took on five to six inches of water early Thursday morning. “At 7 a.m. we were in here and the water started coming in. It didn’t stop,” she said.

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Langlois said she was waiting on insurance adjusters to arrive and pulling out carpets.  

Gerald Musacchia, general manager of Rabenhorst Funeral Home at 825 Government St. said about two inches of water got into the business. Six of the funeral vehicles also took on water, with three or four inches getting inside. “We’re waiting on the insurance company to see if water got in the engines,” he said.

Crews were on site Thursday afternoon, using dehumidifiers to get water out of the funeral home. “It could be a lot worse,” Musacchia said. “Overall, we were pretty fortunate.”

Winds from the rainstorm that swept across the region damaged an air conditioning unit on the roof of the Louisiana Technology Park nearby Florida Boulevard and Lobdell Boulevard, employees told The Advocate. Crews were on site working to repair the damage and the office park was open for operations. Some events were cancelled due to the weather. 

Louisiana Technology Park Baton Rouge

The rooftop air conditioning unit on the Louisiana Technology Park was damaged by high winds during a storm that swept through Baton Rouge. 

Debris and pieces of trees were scattered across the parking lot of the Louisiana Technology Park which shares the surface parking with the Bon Carré Business Center. Water had largely receded from the area by midday. 

There was some minor damage done to the exterior of Bon Carré and water got into the building, said Bill Sanders of Beau Box Real Estate, which handles leasing and property management for the property.

Flooding caused by the rain affected the two local Movie Tavern by Marcus Theaters. The Citiplace theater, which sits in front of Ward Creek, will be closed until further notice, Julie Caan, a spokeswoman for Milwaukee-based Marcus.

Flooding near River Road in Baton Rouge

A car was flooded near the intersection of Laurel and River Road in downtown Baton Rouge in early June.

The Juban Crossing Movie Tavern reopened Thursday evening, after it was closed for much of the day. 

In downtown Baton Rouge, one vehicle was flooded near the intersection of Laurel and River Road just before 9 a.m. by high water just across the street from the Mississippi River. 

Nearby the Perkins Surgery Center and Terry's School of Dance there was standing water which flooded the road leading to its parking lot from the recent rains. 


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