Data center and recovery specialist Venyu has launched a data center design-and-build service for small and midsize firms.

Venyu said its new service puts commercial-grade data center ownership in reach of any business. The company will draw on its 31 years of experience designing and building data centers.

Venyu has three data centers, two in Baton Rouge and one in Shreveport-Bossier City. A fourth is under construction in Jackson, Mississippi. The centers offer a number of services, including web-hosting and data-backup.

Venyu plans to target education, finance, health care, legal and other smaller companies in rural communities with its design-and-build service.

President Josh Descant said the company will allow rural business owners to “maintain 100 percent control of their information” while leveraging Fortune 500-type cloud services.

Venyu is owned by Eatel, a Gonzales-based regional telecom.