Baton Rouge’s Mezzo Technologies looking beyond racecar tracks to space _lowres (copy)

Workers attach the Mezzo Technologies sign to the firm's building in Baton Rouge. 

Baton Rouge-based Mezzo Technologies has been awarded $1.64 million from the Department of Energy to develop heat exchangers capable of operating under high temperature and high pressure.

Mezzo was one of 18 companies and universities awarded under the program. The energy department said durable and affordable higher-temperature heat exchangers could make energy conversion much more efficient, which can cut fuel consumption, capital and operational costs, and emissions.

Mezzo specializes in heat exchange technology. Radiators are a type of heat exchanger. The devices transfer heat from the hot coolant flowing through them to the air that flows through the radiators.

Mezzo’s equipment, which includes laser-welded micro tubes, is capable of operating at 1,472 degrees, about the same temperature as lava, and under pressure conditions that would be found a half-mile underwater.