A widespread disruption to AT&T’s U-verse bundling service has caused some customers in Baton Rouge and metro New Orleans to lose their home Internet, phone and digital TV service.

The disruption is caused by issues with multiple servers that deliver the communications services, said Sue Sperry, a spokeswoman for AT&T in Metairie.

The AT&T U-verse Twitter account on Wednesday evening said the service disruption was related to a faulty software upgrade.

AT&T said the problems with service started Tuesday. But some customers started reporting problems on Monday, according to comments on AT&T’s U-verse forum. Commentators said they were having to go to libraries and coffee shops in order to work and take care of business.

The outages stretch from Florida to Oklahoma, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sperry would not disclose how many homes in Baton Rouge and in the six-parish area surrounding New Orleans were affected by the outage, because AT&T does not release state and local subscriber numbers.

“Nationally we have 7.4 million subscribers, and less than 1 percent are affected (which is far too many),” Sperry said in an email. The service disruption was “a very rare situation,” she said.

In a posting on the U-verse Facebook page, AT&T suggested some customers experiencing problems could get service back by powering down and restarting their residential gateway systems.

AT&T is making progress in resolving the issue, Sperry said, and the company is “working to determine when service will be completely restored.”