Harvey Gulf Marine acquiring shipbuilders in New Orleans, Gulfport _lowres

Photo provided by Gulf Coast Shipyard Group -- The first of six 302-foot dual-fuel offshore supply vessels being built for Harvey Gulf International Marine is shown under construction in 2014 at Gulf Coast Shipyard in Gulfport, Miss. Harvey Gulf has acquired Gulf Coast Shipyard and also Trinity Yachts.

New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf International Marine has received key approvals from the American Bureau of Shipping and U.S. Coast Guard on design plans for a 4,000-cubic-meter liquefied natural gas articulating tug barge, the company said.

The design accounts for ship-to-ship transfer and shore-side resupply transfers, the company said.

"The development of this vessel design highlights our commitment to and involvement in the strengthening of the domestic LNG marine fuel market, and our continued commitment to a leadership role in developing a robust supply infrastructure," said Shane Guidry, Harvey Gulf's chairman and CEO.

Chad Verret, the company's executive vice president of LNG operations, said the project is "very different from any other similar vessel design project undertaken thus far."

"We are designing a gas carrier that will provide ship-to-ship transfers of LNG to vessels utilizing LNG as a fuel and to do ship-to-shore transfers to small scale marine distribution infrastructure," Verret said.

Founded in 1955, Harvey Gulf is a marine transportation company that provides offshore supply, crew and multi-purpose construction and support vessels for Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling operations.