Two local Piggly Wiggly grocery stores have been rebranded as Shoppers Value Foods, which sells items for 10 percent above what they cost the supermarket.

The stores at 5355 Government St. and 9702 Greenwell Springs Road are the first two in the market to be branded as Shoppers Value, said Garnett “Skipper” Jones, who is part of a group that owns and operates nine Piggly Wiggly and Shoppers Value stores in metro Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

The Piggly Wiggly at 280 Main St. in Baker will be converted to a Shoppers Value on Feb. 16.

“This is a new concept for Baton Rouge,” Jones said. “What it really entails is the basics of the grocery business. It lets us make three nickels instead of one dime.”

When customers pick up items at Shoppers Value, the price on the shelf reflects what the store paid for them. Shoppers are then charged a 10 percent add-on at the cash register for each item. Jones said this allows greater savings for customers on individual items.

Jones said the model is based on a grocery store making more money by selling at a greater volume. “I want to see how much I can sell of every item in the store, from Little Debbie cookies to loaves of bread to milk,” he said.

The new format won’t affect the merchandise carried at the stores or the services offered. Jones said the Government Street location will still have a full-service deli and a fresh meat department.

Jones became familiar with the concept earlier this year, when he bought a Food Depot supermarket in Bogalusa. Food Depot operates the same way as Shoppers Value, with the 10 percent added on at the register.

“The concept was so successful I wanted to bring it back to Baton Rouge,” he said.

The Greenwell Springs Piggly Wiggly was converted to a Shoppers Value in late September.

“That caught on amazingly well, so we changed Government Street over last week,” Jones said.

The Greenwell Springs and Government Street stores were selected for trial runs for the concept because Jones owns the entire shopping center, not just the grocery store.