Venyu, a local data protection and recovery firm, has begun construction on a $35 million data center in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Jackson facility will be Venyu’s fourth data center. Venyu has two data centers in Baton Rouge and another in Bossier City.

The new center will have more than 67,000 square feet of space and is located within the former McRae’s Department Store. The facility, reinforced to withstand natural disasters and equipped with four emergency generators, will offer cloud hosting and backup as well as disaster recovery services.

Venyu will also lease space in the center to the University of Mississippi Medical Center for its Centers for Telehealth headquarters.

The university’s entire operation center will leverage Venyu’s power and network connectivity to efficiently administer telehealth services across the state of Mississippi, without requiring doctors or the patients to travel.

“The telehealth program is a model of success in other states seeking to expand their reach into rural underserved areas,” said Venyu President Scott Thompson.

Rendering of the new Venyu data center in Jackson, Mississippi