Bascom Hunter, a wireless communications company that is developing a radio frequency interference cancelation system, has been approved as a new tenant in the Louisiana Technology Park on Florida Boulevard.

Bascom Hunter was founded by Andrew McCandless, who previously worked with Mezzo Technologies. The company’s chief technical officer is Paul Prucnal, an electrical engineering professor at Princeton University, who has developed new ways of canceling radio frequency interference.

While in the Tech Park, Bascom Hunter expects to complete development of its radio frequency interference cancelation system product that was first conceptualized in 2010. Currently the product is being designed for military use, as a way of improving troop communications while not disrupting signal-jammers that are used to prevent enemies from setting off IEDs with cellphones, McCandless said.

Bascom Hunter has about $3 million in contracts and funding lined up from a variety of sources, including defense contractors and Princeton.

The company’s equipment has application in commercial markets. For example, it could be placed on a cellphone tower or in a building as a way of improving the signal, McCandless said.

Bascom Hunter will initially have about five to seven employees, said Stephen Loy, executive director of the Tech Park.

Loy said the state’s lucrative incentives for technology companies such as Bascom Hunter led the firm to set up shop in Baton Rouge.