Baton Rouge-based Amedisys Inc. is launching a collaboration with Sound Physicians, of Tacoma, Washington, to provide home-based care to fee-for-service Medicare patients who meet certain diagnosis and acuity levels after being discharged from a medical facility.

The Home Health Advanced Program is being launched in mid-May in the southeastern United States. Amedisys’ personal care network spans 39 states and 1,500 agencies and will allow the company to scale the program across its home health footprint.

The program provides Amedisys personal care services and telemedicine services through Sound Physicians during the first two to three weeks of a home health episode at no additional cost to patients.

“COVID-19 accelerated patients’ desire to be cared for in the home, and Amedisys is working to meet this demand by moving up the acuity scale to focus on new, sicker patients who previously had limited options,” said Sandra Schrauf, senior vice president of innovations at Amedisys. “By implementing this program, we can offer a better alternative as health care in the home grows beyond the pandemic.”