Local restaurant owner Wayne Stabiler said he’s “probably about a month out” from opening his latest property, Palermo Ristorante, on Jefferson Highway.

“We’ll be ready once we get everybody trained,” said Stabiler. “I’m the only owner, so I can wait until everybody is ready before we open.”

The restaurant will take over the old Latte e Miele gelato parlor at 7809 Jefferson. “My family is from Palermo, Italy, and my wife’s family is from there too, so that’s where the name comes from,” Stabiler said.

Plans are for Palermo to specialize in traditional dishes such as osso buco (braised veal shanks); pasta shells stuffed with meat, cheese and seafood; and pizzas topped with cured meats such as guanciale and pancetta. “We’re going to serve high quality food,” he said. While the menu is still being put together, the prices at Palermo should be equivalent to those at Stabiler’s popular Little Village restaurants.

Palermo will be open for lunch and dinner, but Stabiler said it hasn’t been determined yet if the restaurant will be open six or seven days a week.

Palermo is across Jefferson from another Stabiler property, Stab’s Prime steakhouse and seafood restaurant, which is under construction.

“There’s a lot happening around Jefferson Highway,” said Stabiler. “I’m looking to move to that area because I love the location of it.”