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State Farm Insurance, Louisiana's largest auto insurer, is laying off 47 workers at its operations center in Baton Rouge and is leaving its 30,000-square-foot space at the Bon Carré Business Center.

The company told state employment regulators the layoffs will take place Nov. 30. It will leave the space at the end of the year. It was not immediately clear whether the firm was moving the center elsewhere in Baton Rouge.

Roszell Gadson, a State Farm spokesman, said some of the workers "may find employment within the company if they choose," and added the company will continue to have a presence in Baton Rouge. 

"State Farm is gaining efficiency through streamlining and improving processes, leveraging technology, and concentrating employees in larger locations," Gadson said, including hub locations in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix.

Bill Sanders, an agent with Beau Box Real Estate who is the leasing agent for Bon Carré, said the space is one of several large-footprint spaces available. He said it would work well for a high-density user like an engineering firm, governmental agency or small call center.

"We are actively seeking users to backfill that space,” Sanders said. “For the users that are out there that are high density and need a lot of parking, Bon Carré makes a lot of sense.”

State Farm moved the operations center to the main building of the Bon Carré Business Center in 2013 in an effort to downsize from its Towne Center space. At the time, the move put 200 employees at Bon Carré. The business park is set to go to an online auction next month after the previous owners defaulted on the mortgage.

Bon Carré is home to the Louisiana Technology Park, Cox Communications and several other occupants.

State Farm wrote in a WARN notice that it is not legally required to give notice of the layoffs, but sent the notice anyway as federal law encourages companies to do so.

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