Louisiana ranked 21st in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council’s 18th annual rankings of states by entrepreneur-friendly policies.

The Small Business Policy Index ranks the 50 states according to 47 different policy measurements, including a wide array of tax, regulatory and government spending measures.

The states that have the most entrepreneur-friendly policies under the “Small Business Policy Index 2013” are: 1) South Dakota, 2) Nevada, 3) Texas, 4) Wyoming, 5) Florida, 6) Washington, 7) Alabama, 8) Indiana, 9) Ohio, and 10) Utah.

The states with the least friendly policy environments for small businesses are: 40) Rhode Island, 41) Connecticut, 42) Oregon, 43) Iowa, 44) Maine, 45) Minnesota, 46) Hawaii, 47) New York, 48) Vermont, 49) New Jersey, and 50) California.

SBE Council describes itself as a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy, research and education group that works to protect small business and promote entrepreneurship.