Office and lab space at the Louisiana Technology Park vacated three years ago by a bio-medical company may be rehabilitated for more digital media companies.

Celgene Cellular, a New Jersey company researching the medical uses of stem cells, operated office and lab space at the tech park on Florida Boulevard until August 2008 when the company moved its Louisiana operations back to New Jersey.

At the time, Celgene Cellular had signed a new three-year lease. Since that lease is now expired, tech park officials are exploring how to transform the 10,000-square-foot space into a more marketable area for the state’s growing digital media industry.

“What we’d want to do with it is go after digital media companies — technology companies — and still keep within our mission, but go after more growth-oriented companies,” said Stephen Loy, executive director of the Louisiana Technology Park.

Preliminary ideas would divide the area up into possibly three tenant spaces of 1,300-square-feet, 2,750-square-feet and 2,091-square-feet. A current storage area, known as the dungeon, also could be converted into rentable space, said Leslie Herpin, the interior designer familiar with the renovation of the tech park from its previous life as part of a defunct shopping mall.

“It really allows us a lot of flexibility, in terms of expansion,” Herpin told the Louisiana Research Park Corp. Board, the oversight body for the tech park.

The former “dungeon” space could be transitioned into new tenant space, bringing the total rentable space to about 12,000 square feet.

The tech park is also prepared to offer the entire space to a single company as an anchor tenant, in business incubator parlance.

“Whatever idea that comes along, we can probably shoe-horn that in there and have it be a natural fit for that space,” Loy said.

“This is just very preliminary,” he added. “I don’t have a motion to bring to you today.”