Transmission tower downed by Hurricane Laura

A transmission tower downed by Hurricane Laura

Houston-based Orbital Energy Group Inc. has created subsidiary Eclipse Foundation Group, specializing in building foundations in difficult terrain such as marshlands. 

The company can build shafts 16 feet wide, deeper than 80 feet in marshland and also drill into the earth from barges. It has a fleet of hydraulic cranes for setting rebar cages and driving caissons, which is a watertight retaining structure for dry underwater construction. 

Eclipse is headquartered in Baton Rouge and led by Michael Cutrone as president. Cutrone is an alumnus of LSU and former president of Auger Services in Gonzales. The company expects to grow its business with electric transmission, industrial sites and communication towers after natural disasters. 

"There is a growing need for experienced foundation drilling contractors to help upgrade and expand the energy and telecommunication infrastructure across the Southern U.S.," said Jim O'Neil, CEO of Orbital Energy Group. 

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