Drago's Seafood Restaurant grills oysters. The chain is set to open its long-awaited Baton Rouge restaurant at the end of the year.   

Drago’s Seafood is set to open its long awaited Baton Rouge restaurant late this year.

Officials with the New Orleans-based restaurant said the eatery at 4580 Constitution Ave. will feature all of the favorite dishes, such as the world-famous charbroiled oysters and Lobster Marco.

“The fact that we were looking for a suitable spot in Baton Rouge was about as well-kept secret as alcohol sales in Tiger Stadium. Our real estate partners, including members of our family, have worked tirelessly to secure a viable Baton Rouge location,” said Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of Drago’s.

In June, Crustacean Properties LLC, a Slidell-based group, bought the former FYE store near the Interstate 10-College Drive intersection for $2.5 million. Drago’s has a deal to lease the 13,500 square foot building.

Plans are to hire about 150 to work in the restaurant. Cvitanovich said the initial investment in the Baton Rouge restaurant will top $6 million.

Drago’s currently has four locations: in the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, at 3232 N. Arnoult Road in Metairie, at 3151 Johnston St. in Lafayette and in Jackson, Mississippi.

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