Westlake Chemical Corp. has started its new chlor-alkali plant located at its vinyls manufacturing complex in Geismar.

The facility created 70 full-time jobs and is adjacent to vinyl chloride monomer and polyvinyl chloride facilities at the Geismar complex.

The Houston-based manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals, polymers and building products said the new Geismar plant can produce up 350,000 electrochemical units of chlor-alkali annually. It uses what is called membrane technology. Combined with Westlake’s membrane capacity at its Calvert City, Ky., vinyls complex, the company will have the ability to produce up to 650,000 electrochemical units annually of chlor-alkali.

The company plans to expand its PVC capacity at the company’s Calvert City PVC plant during the second quarter of 2014.

Westlake’s range of products includes ethylene, polyethylene, styrene, propylene, caustic, VCM, PVC resin and PVC building products, including pipe and specialty components, windows and fence.