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The upheavals the COVID pandemic has caused in the real estate market is helping to drive attendance in the annual Trends in Real Estate seminar, which will be held Thursday. The event gives real estate professionals in the greater Baton Rouge area information about what is going on in the local real estate market. Experts in fields such as residential, commercial, office, multifamily, industrial and finance discuss recent developments and offer forecasts of what the market may hold.

Baton Rouge-based management consulting firm Emergent Method has seen a big uptick in revenue in the past few years, ranking it atop local metro area companies that made this year's Inc. magazine 5000 fastest-growing list. 

Emergent Method was founded in 2012 by Nick Speyrer. The company has increased revenue by 635% between 2015 and 2018. It generated $8.3 million in revenue in 2018 and employs 29 people. It ranks No. 686 out of 5,000 on the list, up from No. 1,292 last year. 

The company's management noticed that large consulting firms did not have much of a presence in Baton Rouge but businesses and nonprofits alike still wanted those services. Much of the company's leadership grew up in Louisiana and moved back to the area several years after college. Speyrer, the CEO, attributes the company's growth to demand for services such as digital transformation and strategic planning. The firm has expanded to offer technology services such as website design and social media. Sometimes it is even good for business to say no to clients. 

"Our focus is not to oversell ourselves," Speyrer said. "We understand that our reputation is everything and if we can't do it we'll tell clients no."

But if enough clients ask for the same service, the company may hire new executives with that expertise, such as quantitative research. 

"We're dabbling now in quantitative research because this is a world where organizations need data to make good decisions where it's understanding customers or looking at employee engagement," he said. 

Emergent Method has grown its business across the country and has individuals in Florida, Texas and North Carolina but just one office in Baton Rouge. 

There were 37 companies across Louisiana that made the magazine's fastest-growing U.S.-based privately-held businesses. 

A dozen companies on the list are in the Baton Rouge metro area, 15 in the New Orleans region, three in Lafayette, two near Shreveport, one in Lake Charles, two in Houma and one in Vidalia. 

The fastest-growing company in the state was Flexicrew Technical Services in Metairie, which grew 1,541% between 2015 and 2018, to $2.7 million in revenue. 

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The other Louisiana-based companies' rank, growth, business sector and annual revenue are:

BATON ROUGE AREA: 686: Emergent Method, 635%, business consulting services, $8.3 million; 1,046: Triumph Construction, 400%, construction, $4.6 million; 1,126: Vinformatix, 370%, software, $3.2 million; 1,888: Facilities Maintenance Management, 213%, construction, $17.7 million; 2,583: Anytime Flooring, 151%, construction, $4.4 million; 2,671 BBQ Guy's Manufacturing, 145%, manufacturing, $34.9 million; 2,869, Quality Engineering & Surveying, engineering, 131%, $5.7 million; 3,787: General Informatics, 89%, information technology management, $12.8 million; 3,863: Mesh, 86%, advertising and marketing, $6.2 million; 4,266: Window World of Baton Rouge, 72%, construction, $87.5 million; 4,408: Mastery Prep, 68%, education, $7 million; 4,747: doing business as BBQ Guys, 59%, consumer products and services, $113.5 million; 4,993: Red Six Media, 52%, advertising and marketing, $2 million. 

NEW ORLEANS AREA: 790: The Leads Network, 546%, health, $6.3 million; 970: Suite Management Franchising, 438%, real estate, $3.1 million; 981: Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki, 431%, consumer products and services, $4.6 million; 1,508: Picardie Timber Frame, 274%, construction, $2.7 million; 1,815: Spears Consulting Group, 225%, advertising and marketing, $2.8 million; 2,055: Sunpro Solar, 196%, energy, $56.7 million; 2,322: Levelset, 173%, software, $7.4 million; 3,326: Geocent, 108%, government services, $58.4 million; 3,415: Design Management Group, 104%, construction, $2.3 million; 3,740: Mullin, 91%, construction, $10.4 million; 3,998: Red Group, 81%, engineering, $2.2 million; 3,825: Abadie-Williams, 87%, engineering, $2.3 million; 3,831: Ryan Gootee General Contractors, 87%, construction, $64.2 million; 4,470: PRA Business Events New Orleans, 66%, travel and hospitality, $5.4 million. 

LAFAYETTE: 314: 360ia, 1,455%, software, $2 million; 509: Blast Tech in Broussard, 857%, manufacturing, $10.3 million; 2,011: Potenza, 200%, advertising and marketing, $19.7 million. 

HOUMA: 454: Pelican Waste & Debris, 998%, environmental services, $18.6 million, and 2418: Modern American Recycling Services, 165%, environmental services, $67.8 million.

LAKE CHARLES: 2,807: Hoss Industrial in Sulphur, 134%, business products and services, $2.6 million.

NORTH LOUISIANA: 835: Southern Designs in Vidalia, 504%, manufacturing, $5.1 million; 1,948: SRP Environmental in Shreveport, 206%, environmental services, $14.4 million; 4,885: Argent Financial Group in Ruston, 56%, financial services, $60.4 million. 

To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2015. The minimum revenue required for 2015 is $100,000 and minimum revenue for 2018 is $2 million.The companies must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent — not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies. 

Who are they? 33 Louisiana companies make Inc. magazine's fastest-growing list

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