NEW ORLEANS — Harvey Gulf International Marine in New Orleans signed $540 million worth of contracts Friday to add 14 vessels to its deepwater fleet, Chief Executive Officer Shane Guidry said.

“On Monday, I’m doing a new banking facility so I wanted to close them ‘aaalll’ at one time,” Guidry said shortly after signing the deals.

In order to make that work, Guidry had conferences going on simultaneously in three rooms, one for each contract, he said. It was the first time he had ever done three contract conferences at the same time.

Harvey Gulf specializes in towing drilling rigs offshore and providing supply and support vessels for deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

The agreements include:

  • A deal with Eastern Shipbuilding, of Panama City, Fla., for two 340-foot construction ships, each equipped with a 275-ton crane. The vessels also will have 12,000 square feet of usable deck space, accommodations for 120 crew members, three lounges, two gyms, three conference rooms and a 48-person theater.
  • A deal with TY Offshore, of Gulfport, Miss., to build an offshore support vessel that will be able to burn diesel and liquefied natural gas, Guidry said. The boat will be Harvey Gulf’s sixth dual-fuel deepwater support boat, making the company the largest owner/operator of LNG-fueled offshore support vessels, he said.
  • A deal with Lafayette-based Gulf Offshore Logistics to buy six “dynamically positioned” offshore supply vessels and five crewboats. The computer-controlled positioning system allows the supply boats to pull within 3 feet of an offshore rig and maintain the precise position for hours, Guidry said. There are limits, say if winds reach 40 mph or the waves get too high, and the boats must pull away from the rig under those conditions.

The Gulf Offshore Logistics deal increases Harvey Gulf’s fleet of deepwater, dynamically positioned vessels to 46, Guidry said. The boats’ average age is less than five years.

On Saturday, the company will open a sales and engineering office in Houston. The office’s duties will include coming up with new boat design concepts.