Veolia North America said it will spend $40 million to expand its sulfuric acid regeneration plant in Ascension Parish.

The move will retain all 29 employees at the Burnside facility, who have an average salary of $83,000 plus benefits. The work is expected to create about 100 construction jobs. The plant, located in Darrow, takes spent sulfuric acid and converts it to fresh, commercial-quality sulfuric acid. Refineries use sulfuric acid as a catalyst to produce high-octane gasoline.

The expansion involves installing new equipment and upgrading existing equipment, which will result in a 15 percent increase in sulfuric acid regeneration capacity. This will allow Veolia to keep up with a growing demand for acid.

To secure the expansion, the state offered Veolia a comprehensive incentive package that includes a $450,000 modernization tax credit. The company is expected to use the state’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program.

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