LAKE CHARLES- The wind whips the 20x50 ft. tarp that Jafet Uscanga, 20, and his coworkers with Paul Davis Restoration based out of Houston were placing on Friday, August 28, 2020 in Lake Charles. Recovery efforts were underway after Hurricane Laura. CoreLogic, an analytics firm, is estimating insured wind and storm surge damage to homes and businesses in Louisiana will be between $8 billion and $12 billion. (Photo by Chris Granger | The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate)

Insurance companies so far have paid $5.3 billion for losses in Louisiana across 236,928 claims from hurricanes Laura and Delta.

Inside that figure, the vast majority of claims were for residential properties, more than 190,500 of which filed for payment for damages from the storms, according to data on file with the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

About 24,000 more claims were filed for personal vehicles, while another 13,100 were for commercial properties.

Now several months later, about 70% of claims have been closed, but only 50% of claims include a payment from the insurance company, according to the state agency.

While three hurricanes swept across Louisiana this year with varying damage, Hurricane Laura was the strongest as a Category 4 storm with winds more than 150 miles per hour in late August, making landfall near Cameron. In early October, Hurricane Delta made landfall about 10 miles away in southwest Louisiana as a Category 2 storm. So, many residents dealt with damages from two hurricanes weeks apart. 

CoreLogic, an analytics firm, estimated insured wind and storm surge damage to homes and businesses in Louisiana for Hurricane Laura alone would be between $8 billion and $12 billion.

Residents are required to pay a hurricane deductible, typically between 2% and 5% of the insured property value which can be several thousand dollars, before insurance pays for damages under the claim. There were 46,641 insurance claims closed without any payment, according to the state agency.

Calcasieu Parish, where Lake Charles is located, had the most insurance claims — more than 100,400 filed on residential, vehicle and commercial policies — as of late November and $3.7 billion was paid to policyholders. In Cameron Parish, which only had several thousand residents before the storms, there were 1,454 overall insurance claims with $89.3 million paid out so far.

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In the Baton Rouge metro area, there were 8,325 overall claims filed with insurance companies and $76.3 million has been paid to policyholders. More than half of those claims were for individuals in East Baton Rouge Parish totaling $55.9 million in claims paid.

In the New Orleans metro, there were 927 claims filed, representing $60.4 million in damages paid for repairs. Jefferson Parish had the most claims in the area, totaling $39.7 million paid. 

In the Lafayette metro, there were 38,063 overall claims filed for which $270 million has been paid. Lafayette Parish saw the most claims in the area, 16,738 in all, which had $115.4 million in payments.

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