WHAT HAPPENED?: After failing to find a buyer for its refinery in Convent, Shell is shutting down the plant. The shutdown process is expected to begin in mid-November. The company will still try to sell the idled refinery.

JOBS AFFECTED: The refinery employs 700 Shell workers and 400 contract workers.

THEIR FATE: Workers are being offered alternative opportunities within the company or help to find new jobs outside the company. To free up some jobs for those displaced by the shutdown in Convent, Shell is offering a "selective voluntary severance program" to workers at Shell's Norco refinery near New Orleans.  

PROXIMITY: Shell's Convent refinery sits midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, straddling Ascension and St. James parishes.

OVERALL STRATEGY: Shell is consolidating its assets from 14 sites into six energy and chemical parks. The survivors include the Norco refinery near New Orleans, in conjunction with Shell's chemical complex in Geismar. The goal is for the refineries to be more integrated with the chemical complexes and produce more biofuels, hydrogen and synthetic fuels as Shell positions itself for a transition to a low-carbon future because customers are asking for lower carbon products.

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