Yuengling beer, made in America's oldest brewery, coming to Louisiana ‘soon’ _lowres

Yuengling could 'soon' be coming to New Orleans (photo credit Yuengling.com)

Yuengling beer, which is made at America’s oldest brewery, is set to arrive on Louisiana store shelves.

A representative with Crescent Crown, which distributes beer across south Louisiana, said Yuengling will be arriving in Louisiana “soon.”

Yuengling, pronounced “ying-ling,” is available in 18 other states and the District of Columbia. The beer became available in Mississippi at the start of the year and it has been available in Florida for a while.

The beer is brewed in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and Tampa, Florida. The Tampa brewery recently expanded, allowing Yuengling to be sold in more states.

The brewery has become popular for its flavor and price point, which is comparable to domestic beers such as Budweiser, Miller and Coors.

Yuengling has been brewing beer in Pottsville since 1829. The company website said it got through Prohibition by making near-beer with 0.5 percent alcohol and operating a dairy. The brewery has been owned and operated by the Yuengling family for five generations and a sixth generation is currently on the staff.

Yuengling is the latest beer to become available at stores, bars and restaurants in Louisiana. The acclaimed Bell’s Brewing entered the market in May.

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