Software development company Impression Works became the latest tenant at Louisiana Technology Park’s Baton Rouge business incubator Friday.

Founder Travis Broussard, of Hammond, said he and three employees will move into the incubator at 7117 Florida Blvd. immediately. Within 90 days, eight additional employees from Impression Works’ office in Cape Town, South Africa, will move to the Baton Rouge office, he said. That will leave 14 employees in Cape Town.

Impression Works has raised more than $2 million since early January 2013, Broussard said. And two successful Internet apps produced by the firm already are in use by hundreds of businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations across the nation.

The latest is “My Life,” which enables users to design photo books and other products while forwarding a significant portion of the proceeds to their favorite schools, churches and youth or other social organizations.

Both Broussard and Jesse T. Hoggard, the technology park’s director of marketing and business development, said each user’s purchase of design, construction and delivery of a photo book, poster, greeting card or calendar triggers a donation. That donation ranges between 40 percent and 50 percent of the sales price for the school or other nonprofit whose students or members are featured in the books or other memorabilia.

The other app is “Mobile Jobs Force,” which enables jobseekers to use their iPhones to file applications with companies that use the same app to track and evaluate those applications.

Broussard said use of Mobile Jobs Force is free to jobseekers and available at low cost to companies wanting to hire more workers. Among those companies and organizations is the Baton Rouge-based Alliance Safety Council. The ASC provides safety training and online management services for its 17 member companies.

For photo books, cards and other customized items found on My Life, “We design all the artwork,” Broussard said.

In both cases, Impression Works retains ownership of the app.

“We really don’t build software for anybody else,” Broussard added.

Among Impression Works’ investors is 4Di Capital, an independent early stage technology venture capital firm based in South Africa.

“Impression Works is one of our most exciting investments to date,” Anton van Vlaanderen, 4Di’s chief executive officer, said in a written statement released through Broussard.

Many My Life users are reached through cooperation with Great American Opportunities, a fundraising company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Throughout our 40 years of helping schools and organizations earn more than $5 billion in profits, we have never lost our primary focus — helping kids,” Rob Corley, marketing team leader for Great American, said in a written statement.

“So, when we wanted to introduce a new category to fundraising, we called on Impression Works to conceptualize, develop and launch the ‘To Remember This’ program,” Corley said. “Through our partnership, we will raise millions of dollars for local schools, Girl Scouts and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and Canada.”

Impression Works graduated from the Louisiana Business and Technology Center on LSU’s remote south campus business incubator in 2013.