Another Broken Egg Cafe has partnered with H.C. Valentine Coffee Co. to create a specialty coffee the Destin, Fla.-based chain will serve at its 26 locations.

Another Broken Egg, which started in Old Mandeville in 1996 and has locations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, started talks with H.C. Valentine about three years ago and will have its Barista Reserve — brewed using beans from Central and South America and Ethiopia — in its stores by the end of the month.

The company said it has no immediate plans to serve the coffee outside of its restaurants, which serve breakfast, brunch and lunch in California and throughout the Southeast.

H.C. Valentine is the sister operation to Royal Cup. Its coffee is artisan “sight roasted” one bag at a time and blends after each roast. H.C. Valentine roasts 120 to 150 pounds at a time compared to Royal Cup, which uses several roasters to handle 550 pounds to 1,000 pounds.