The number of hotel rooms in Louisiana has topped the 100,000 mark, representing a gain of nearly 4% since 2016.

The number of rooms has increased in response to the growing popularity of Louisiana as a tourist destination, according to figures released Thursday in connection with the Lt. Governor's Travel Summit, held in partnership with the Louisiana Office of Tourism and Louisiana Travel Association. More than 51.3 million people visited the state in 2018, a new record for visitors. They spent $18.8 billion, resulting in $1.9 billion in state and local tax revenue. At the end of 2018, there were 237,200 people working across the state in tourism jobs.

“Louisiana is a world-class travel destination and new unique hotel rooms, restaurants and attractions make it possible for our visitors to come back year after year and enjoy new exciting experiences,” said Doug Bourgeois, assistant secretary of the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

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