Retail spending in East Baton Rouge Parish rose just less than 7 percent in November, figures from the city-parish Finance Department show.

Businesses and consumers spent $672.6 million that month compared with $631.0 million in November 2011. The numbers do not include often-volatile vehicle sales.

Spending had a couple of flat months after the U.S. Bowling Congress tournament left town in July, but rebounded in October by rising 6 percent. The November numbers, which include the beginning of the holiday shopping season, followed suit.

For the year, consumer spending is up just less than 7 percent to $7.24 billion.

The breakdown of numbers inside and outside the city limits for November were also similar to the gains posted in October. Spending inside the city limits was up 4 percent and spending in the outlying areas was up 10 percent.

Looking at some key sectors:

  • Manufacturing, which is about 12 percent of total spending, was up 23 percent in November and 19 percent for the year.
  • Retail trade (not including vehicle sales, food services or drinking places) was up 3 percent in November and 4 percent for the year. It makes up about half of total spending and is by far the largest segment.
  • Services, which makes up 10 percent of the total, was down 1 percent for November and up 10 percent for the year.
  • Food services and drinking places, which makes up 10 percent of the total, was up 14 percent in November and 8 percent for the year.
  • Vehicle sales, which make up 7 percent of the total, were up 15 percent in November and 12 percent for the year.

Sales tax revenue to the city-parish, which includes vehicle sales, is up 7 percent to $14.5 million. For the year, sales tax revenue is up 7 percent to $156.6 million.