The logo for BRcade, a new bar on Government Street that will feature classic video games. The business was started by three collectors who have extensive backgrounds in repairing and restoring 1980s video games. 

A group of collectors are planning to open a bar on Government Street that will feature classic arcade games, along with beer, wine and cocktails.

Cave Daughdrill, Casey Wells and Robert Ross decided to open BRcade after their collections of classic games got out of hand. “I just moved 17 arcades out of my house,” Daughdrill said. “We all have storage rooms that are packed.”

The three have spent years collecting and restoring classic 1980s games to their former glory. After holding a couple of pop-up events in Mid City, they decided to open a bar at 2963 Government in a space that had been recently occupied by Pop Shop Records. A building permit for the work was issued earlier this week.

BRcade will offer at least 24 games when the business opens, and will rotate machines in to keep the lineup fresh. Daughdrill wouldn’t reveal titles in order to “keep a little surprise." But he said most of the beloved 1980s-era video games will be represented. In some cases, there will be multiple versions of the most popular games. Hints about the possible lineup are also being dropped on the bar’s Facebook page.

The plan is to have a small cover charge at the door, then offer free play on the video games. Because the owners are familiar with restoring the machines, they’ll be able to make minor repairs on the spot. And if there are major problems with a machine, Daughdrill said they’ll just roll it out and replace it with another game.

“We’ve all been to arcades of questionable quality,” he said.

The exact opening date for BRcade has yet to be announced. “It’s a little up in the air with the pandemic,” Daughdrill said. “If there was no pandemic, we probably would have opened by now.”

Plans are for BRcade to be open 7 days a week.

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