Schlittz sign for Red

The Schlittz & Giggles in downtown Baton Rouge has been repurchased Jack Warner, who co-founded Walk-On’s, with plans for “redeveloping and refreshing” the pizza parlor.

Jack Warner, who co-founded Walk-On’s, has repurchased the downtown location of Schlittz & Giggles and is looking at “redeveloping and refreshing” the pizza parlor.

“Jack feels that there are a lot of opportunities for Schlittz & Giggles so he took it back,” said Jordan Piazza, the co-owner of Phil’s Oyster Bar, who is serving as a business manager for Warner.

Warner had sold the location at 301 Third St. to Lava Cantina co-founder Ian Vaughn in August 2016 as part of a deal that also involved Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar and The Roux House. Vaughn quickly rebranded Lucy’s as a Lava Cantina and announced plans to turn Roux House into a gastropub. There was talk the downtown Schlittz & Giggles would be converted into a location for Texas-based Pink's Pizza.

Vaughn’s plans for the properties fell through. He was unable to install smokers in the Roux House, canceling his plans for the gastropub. In July, he closed Lava Cantina and turned it into a space for private events, saying that business was not at a level he could be proud of. The Roux House is now operating under new ownership as The Register Bar, and Lava Cantina closed its downtown location. Vaughn closed the original Lava Cantina in Perkins Rowe at the end of 2018 and has been promoting live music events locally, such as upcoming concerts at the Raising Cane's River Center featuring Nelly, Puddle of Mudd and Charlie Daniels.

Warner held on to the Schlittz & Giggles near the Perkins Road Overpass.

The plan is to give both of the properties a new look and a new feel, Piazza said.

In conversations with investors, Warner has stressed that he’s open to making any changes needed to Schlittz & Giggles, outside of giving it a new name. “Nothing is nonnegotiable,” Piazza said. That could mean changing the menu, using different recipes and buying better ingredients.

“They want to offer quicker service and make the restaurant better in general,” he said.

Schlittz & Giggles opened its downtown location in late 2007 and the Perkins Overpass location in 2010.

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