The family that has long owned the Government Street building previously home to Smokin Aces and several other barbecue restaurants are opening up their own spot, GD Barbeque, at the location. 

Gordon Mese said he and his brothers, Mark and David, will open GD Barbeque in the coming weeks or months. Mese said he is about to go through the permitting process with the city.

"It's going to be set up exactly the same way," as previous barbecue spots at the site, Mese said. "We just gave it a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint inside." 

The brothers manage the property and their mother owns it. The building has been in the family since 1929.

The longtime pitmaster for Smokin Aces, Robert Vazquez, will head up the cooking at GD Barbeque, Mese said. 

Earlier this year, Smokin Aces, the popular barbecue spot that opened six years ago at the site, moved down the street to the owner's other restaurant, Tiger Deaux-Nuts. The two restaurants now operate under the name Tiger Deauxnuts and Barbecue.

After that, Mese said he put up a for lease sign for the property, which is in the heart of the Mid City corridor that has in recent years experienced a resurgence in development. He was quickly inundated with 42 phone calls from people interested in opening establishments at the location. 

"Instead of having to flip owners every three to five years, we just decided to do it ourselves," Mese said. "The family that's been here for 90 years is going to be managing it with the guy who made the food great."

The restaurant will feature more lighting and a new parking lot in the back, and hours will be similar to the previous barbecue restaurants that operated there, from around 11 a.m. until it runs out. The menu also will be similar, featuring barbecue staples like pulled pork, brisket, ribs and chicken, along with several sides. 

The area is also in the midst of the Government Street road diet project, which will bring the street from four lanes to three and which aims to make the corridor more friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians. 

Mese also owns and operates Garden District Nursery next door. His family has owned the properties since 1929. 

The "GD" in GD Barbeque stands for "Garden District," or "Gourmet Delicious" or "whatever you want it to be," Mese said.

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