Cellcontrol, a Baton Rouge high-tech company at the Louisiana Technology Park on Florida Boulevard, is expanding its driver-safety efforts by partnering with credit-reporting giant TransUnion.

Cellcontrol, formed in 2009, develops and markets technology that blocks cellphone use by people behind the wheel of a car or truck.

“TransUnion will provide sales and marketing to the (property-and-casualty) insurance industry, including notification to the 250-plus insurance companies we currently partner with,” said Mark McElroy, executive vice president of TransUnion’s insurance business unit.

“We created Cellcontrol to stop distracted driving and save lives,” said Robert Guba, Cellcontrol’s chief executive officer. “We’re not only creating a safer driving experience for our customers, we’re promoting safer driving habits in the process. As a result, we’re already seeing some of our customers beginning to save money on their insurance premiums.”

Parents of teen drivers and owners of businesses could save money on insurance costs through use of Cellcontrol’s products, McElroy agreed.

“Insurance carriers determine the discounts they will offer on a state-by-state basis based on the expected reduction in loss costs,” the TransUnion official said. “Prior experience would suggest the discount could range from 5 percent to 40 percent.”