ExxonMobil expects to manufacture products in Port Allen for a small budget airline in a new deal. 

Houston-based Avelo Airlines has roots as an express service between U.S. casinos and has grown to a small fleet with fewer than a dozen destinations. Avelo is among a group of budget airlines seeking to attract customers away from traditional carriers with discount fares. 

Avelo already buys Mobil Jet Oil II. Avelo tapped ExxonMobil to now also buy Mobil HyJet and Mobilgrease 33 products. These products are manufactured at the Port Allen aviation lubricants plant in West Baton Rouge Parish.

In 2016, ExxonMobil began production at its new 90,000-square-foot aviation lubricant plant as part of a $200 million expansion of the site. The company projected that there will be significant demand for advanced aviation fuels and lubricants in the next few decades.

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