The World Trade Center Mississippi Alliance has been formed as a non-partisan coalition of World Trade Centers along the Mississippi River dedicated to promoting the waterway and sharing information.

As the founding organization, the World Trade Center of New Orleans will lead the alliance, with Dominik Knoll, chief executive officer of the WTCNO, serving as the regional spokesman.

The Mississippi River Basin connects 31 states and two Canadian provinces through the third-largest river basin in the world. Cargo shipped along the Mississippi River has an approximately $115 billion annual impact on the nation’s economy each year.

Ten states within the Mississippi River Basin are represented in the alliance, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, Montana, Wisconsin and Colorado. The organization will represent thousands of U.S. businesses, farmers and others who rely on the Mississippi River for commodities, including petroleum and coal products, agriculture, marine and wood products, chemicals, minerals and ores, paper, plastics and rubber products, and textiles and fabric.