Walmart workers in Louisiana will receive about $13.7 million in bonuses this week, a combination of performance-based and one-time cash bonuses the company attributed to recent federal tax cuts.

Walmart, which operates 139 stores and employs more than 37,000 in Louisiana, said the bonuses are included in workers’ March 8 paychecks.

Of the $13.7 million, $9.5 million comes from one-time cash bonuses to certain employees who have worked for Walmart for more than 20 years. That move was announced in January, along with a bump in starting pay for workers to $11 an hour. About $4 million of the total came from fourth-quarter performance-based bonuses.

The move in January came at the same time Walmart shut down 63 Sam’s Club locations throughout the U.S. Among those was the Sam’s Club at Cortana Place in Baton Rouge, a closure that laid off 176 workers.

Walmart said it handed out more than $560 million in bonuses throughout the U.S. as a result of tax cuts and quarterly performance. Last year, the retailer collected $579 million in sales taxes in Louisiana, and paid $97 million in other taxes.

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