A $60,000 grant awarded to the LSU Department of Entomology is being used to implement an "organic waste upcycling project" using black soldier fly larvae. 

The department will partner on the project with Soldier Fly Technologies, a subsidiary of cricket seller Fluker Farms in Port Allen. The grant was from the LSU Sustainability Fund. The department is working with LSU Campus Sustainability on a new process for recycling organic waste from LSU dining halls. 

The black soldier fly larvae are bred to consume mass amounts of discarded food, and through their natural bio-conversion process, are used to create high-protein animal feed and plant fertilizer. 

The funding comes as the company is setting up a site on the LSU campus as part of a partnership with the school's entomology department.

Editor's Note: This story was changed Feb. 8, 2019, to say the grant was awarded to the LSU Department of Entomology and correct information from a press release.