Forte and Tablada Inc., a Baton Rouge engineering firm, has acquired Engensus LLC and Engensus Measurements LLC, two engineering and technology companies also based in Baton Rouge.

Forte and Tablada said in a news release that Engensus founders Joey Coco will become a firm principal and Samuel Amoroso will expand the firm’s technical practice.

“The merger of our companies is strategic on many fronts. At a minimum, we’ve added several major service areas to our Forte and Tablada capabilities with the acquisition, but more importantly, we’ve joined forces with several of Baton Rouge’s young and forward-looking talent,” said Ann Trappey, Forte and Tablada CEO.

Forte and Tablada said the acquisitions mark its third and fourth subsidiary companies added over the past six years.

In 2007, the firm acquired Baton Rouge Land Surveying to complement its civil and environmental services.

In 2010, it acquired BBC, a Shreveport civil engineering firm that provides the company a northern presence in the state.

Formed in 1961, Forte and Tablada offers civil, environmental and electrical engineering. Engensus LLC adds structural and bridge engineering and risk consulting to its services, while Engensus Measurements adds 3-D laser scanning and computer modeling, visualization and animation.

The companies have worked together on several projects, including a bridge maintenance prioritization tool for Iberville Parish, effects lighting of LSU’s Tiger Stadium North End Zone and the design of several local bridges.