Ask J.T. & Dale

In this edition of Ask J.T. & Dale, the pair discuss the difficulty of answering questions in job interviews. Overcoming interviews requires the right mindset. J.T. suggested having coffee with former colleagues and talk about previous professional successes to help overcome the defeatist mindset and grow confidence. Approaching interviews like a conversation is important, along with always coming with prepared questions for employers. Dale said to ask the interviewer what kind of people do best here.

“So many times people go into interviews and see it as this make or break moment,” J.T. said. “That’s way too much pressure to put on yourself. If you like this company, think of it as the beginning of your relationship and sometimes relationships take time. Your goal in that interview is to make friends, because maybe you don’t get the job this time, but maybe they’re not saying ‘no, not ever’, maybe they’re just just saying ‘no, not today.’”

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