A tenant of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center has received a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help it develop an affordable sealant to be used in transportation infrastructure, like pavement cracks.

The firm, Louisiana Multi-Functional-Materials Group LLC, was formed in 2016 by a an LSU mechanical engineering faculty member and two of his postdoctoral students. LAMG produces a sealant that expands upon cooling and contracts upon heating, the opposite thermal reaction of concrete to allow the polymer to maintain its seal in cracks, according to a news release from LSU’s Innovation Park. 

The company’s goal is to bring its technology to market at a low cost while creating jobs in Louisiana.

The new infusion of cash will support the next two years of lab and field testing.

“(LAMG) demonstrates what we can accomplish when we capitalize on LSU faculty brain power and support women-owned businesses,” LSU Innovation Park Executive Director Charles D’Agostino said. “What’s particularly exciting about LAMG receiving federal lab support is it gives exposure and rewards women and universities who are working hard to bring value to the community.”


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